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My New Discovery-Edmodo

So it’s definitely not surprising that teachers in the educational sector find ways to use social media to connect with their students. However, I was not only surprised but impressed by the fact that not only did someone (or people) think to connect with their students using a platform their students may already be familiar … Continue reading

Teacher Created Digital Storytelling Example

I currently do not teach and have never taught any class. For this project, I have decided to that I would “teach” fourth grade reading. My students will create a hidden story from one of our required readings using digital storytelling. As my teacher example, I decided to use a fairy tale to illustrate the … Continue reading

Digital Storytelling Activity

Digital storytelling is a great way to see what your students are thinking. As part of my dream fourth grade reading class, I will have my students do digital stories to create “hidden chapters” of one of the books we are reading. Students will be doing more than just reading the stories and forgetting about … Continue reading

Think Outside

Sometimes, it’s easier for teachers to look for apps that are designated as educational. However, I think it’s great for teachers to think outside the box for their students. This week, I came across an app called Fooducate. While this app is not a designated “educational” app, but I can see how it very much … Continue reading

What’s the Bigger Issue?

While thinking about my topic for this week, I started to really think about the issues of bringing technology in the classroom. I found that they are several issues hindering the “advancement” of the classroom, but I’m not sure if there is an issue larger than the other. Some of the things that I have … Continue reading

Remind101 App

  I am across something interesting today that peeked my interest. I came across this app for both Android and iPhone called Remind101. Usually, I’m all for using technology in the class, but I have mixed feelings about an app like this. I can see both good and bad things about this app. It can … Continue reading

Week 1 Learning Journal

Dr. Scott  McLeod posted an interesting question. He posted “are we doing what is best for our students or are we doing what is most convenient for us?”. I believe this is a very loaded question. The reason I say that is because it depends on who’s answering the question. Are we asking teachers? What … Continue reading


Hey Guys! Welcome to my blog. I am new at this so I guess I’ll be learning as we go along. If anyone has any tips, definitely share them with me 🙂