About Me

My name is Kia Anderson and I am the Coordinator of Academic Support Services at the Sanford/Lake Mary Regional Campus for the University of Central Florida. I am currently not a teacher. However, I do plan on conducting some technology-based training in the near future. I’ve learned that some of my colleagues are not as familiar with Microsoft Office as I thought so I will be training them on just the basics just to get my feet wet.

I believe every individual has specific learning needs. As an instructor, it is important to address those needs as best as I can. Technology is becoming one of the primary aspects in a students’ world. I believe that it is important to add those components into my classroom. Providing student needs using technology-based instruments can be accomplished. In order to achieve this goal, there are three elements that are important to me in regards to constructing the best possible learning atmosphere; (1) a secure, safe emotional environment, (2) an encouraging, stimulating mental environment, and (3) an appropriate physical environment.

Ed Tech

Instead of talking about my love of basketball or dancing, this blog will be focused on topics concerning education and technology. I personally find apps fascinating and think that they are very useful in the classroom. I understand that the budget crisis is affecting teachers all over so I think that talking about free education tools would be a great topic. With that being said, there are plenty of free apps and software that are accessible for teachers now. Why keep these things to myself?


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