My New Discovery-Edmodo

So it’s definitely not surprising that teachers in the educational sector find ways to use social media to connect with their students. However, I was not only surprised but impressed by the fact that not only did someone (or people) think to connect with their students using a platform their students may already be familiar with but they created it so that it is safe for teachers, students, and parents. What am I talking about? I’m referring to Edmodo.

In lamest terms, Edmodo is the Facebook of education. The platform is very user friendly and it does mimic Facebook. Students don’t have to worry about using a “lame” interface so it keeps their interest. Teachers can use this to communicate with their students about homework, conduct surveys for feedback, as create discussions. They can also create groups so that students within the class can work on group projects as well as manage other classes they may be teaching. Parents can communicate with the teacher as well as stay informed on how their child’s progress. Parents with multiple children will have access to each child’s account. Parents will only get to see what their children are doing and will not have contact with any other students.

Edmodo can be accessed online or via a smartphone or tablet. It is a wonderful tool to add in the classroom that encourages social media. With this tool, parents and teachers both don’t have to worry about inappropriate materials or individuals reaching the children. It’s a free and safe social media outlet that all can enjoy. If I was a teacher who wanted to increase the use of social media in my classroom, I would definitely use Edmodo. It keeps everyone informed and accountable.


5 thoughts on “My New Discovery-Edmodo

  1. Kia,

    I have heard of Edmodo, but until reading your blog I wasn’t really sure what it was. I think that it’s great that there are social media platforms like this that are available for educational uses. It’s hard to find too many types of social media that are appropriate and safe for classroom use.

    I like that this is a tool that can be used to communicate and keep parents in the loop as to what is going on with their child in your class. This would definitely be a great tool for parents who have multiple children where they can check on their kids in one location. I think parents are more prone to keep up with it if it is easy and convenient for them.

    Thank you for sharing! You definitely have made me want to check out Edmodo!
    Melissa Asmus

  2. Thanks for explaining Edmodo in simple terms! I had also heard of it before but never really knew what it was. Whether as teachers we choose to use a certain tool or not, I think it’s important to still keep up on what other teachers are using so we are aware of various options and their benefits.

  3. Kia,

    A friend of mine actually uses Edmodo in his 5th grade classroom. He actually introduced me to it a few months ago and I really liked it. It is a great way to engage your students and incorporate technology into your classroom. Since it is like Facebook, students will not need more training on how to use it. I will definitely look into use this in my future classroom. I think it is great way for students to stay connect with each other outside of the classroom and help each other out with homework. They can also use it to work on group projects without having to all meet.


  4. My roommate works in a Middle School and her school uses Edmodo almost religiously. I have always wondered if it would actually be appropriate in the mid-elementary setting (I teach third grade). Your description makes it seem like I could possibly set up these account, but instead of for my young students, creating it for my parents. I receive countless email every day from parents with questions, as well as send them an almost equal number in return either answering their questions, or giving them important information about what is going on in our classroom. Does it possibly have a feature that allows you to upload documents, kind of like a drop box? I have been looking into the latter to save on emails, but if Edmodo has it included, I think this is definitely a route worth looking into.

    Thanks again!


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