Teacher Created Digital Storytelling Example

I currently do not teach and have never taught any class. For this project, I have decided to that I would “teach” fourth grade reading. My students will create a hidden story from one of our required readings using digital storytelling. As my teacher example, I decided to use a fairy tale to illustrate the goal behind the assignments. Students will use either Prezi or Slideshare to create their stories. They are required to include a minimum of one video and one still picture. I will continue to look over the standards for my class to iron out the other requirements. Please take a look at the example I’ve created and feel free to leave any feedback. 



8 thoughts on “Teacher Created Digital Storytelling Example

  1. Wow, Kia, first off your lesson plan looks great. I like how you included NETS-S standards as well as Common Core Standards. As for your Prezi, it was very visually appealing. I think if this was given to fourth graders, the students will be able to give more in depth stories, however, the brevity of yours creates a clear example. I like your requirement to include one video and one picture. I think students would enjoy your assignment if you had the opportunity to present it to them. When you get a job teaching will you use digital storytelling? Nice job!
    -Lisa Costello

    • Thanks Lisa,

      I agree that the example was sample but that’s was my point. I wanted them to mainly get the concept of what they should be doing. If I did end up teaching, I would use digital storytelling. I think it’s a great way for kids to use their creativity. Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Your Digital Story was awesome! It was very well put together and very creative. I like the requirements you set up such as having to use at lease one video and 5 still pictures. It definitely allows them to be more creative with their digital stories. I also like how you included links to the resources as well as help links which will come in handy when students need to figure out how to get started. Great Job! I think your future students will love it.
    -Andrew Salazar

  3. Kia,
    I love the “hidden chapter” idea. Where did you come up with that? So creative! Your Prezi was also very creative. Inserting the dream into the story gives students the idea that it can be simple, but creative. I like the multimedia aspect of using video and still pictures and you offered many resources to help your students should they need it. I also like how you incorporated the NETS-S standards and Common Core standards on your wiki, very nicely done.

  4. Fantastic job! This whole idea is absolutely amazing! I know as a third grade teacher my kids would really like it. The entire presentation is very engaging with the embedded video and graphics. I think it is a great idea to use a story like Goldilocks and the Three Bears since most kids have read that and understand the plot and how it ends. I did notice that your very beginning slide Goldilocks is missing the S at the end. 🙂 Overall I am super impressed and now I even want to make one of these and assign this project to my students.


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