Posted in January 2013

Remind101 App

  I am across something interesting today that peeked my interest. I came across this app for both Android and iPhone called Remind101. Usually, I’m all for using technology in the class, but I have mixed feelings about an app like this. I can see both good and bad things about this app. It can … Continue reading

Week 1 Learning Journal

Dr. Scott  McLeod posted an interesting question. He posted “are we doing what is best for our students or are we doing what is most convenient for us?”. I believe this is a very loaded question. The reason I say that is because it depends on who’s answering the question. Are we asking teachers? What … Continue reading


Hey Guys! Welcome to my blog. I am new at this so I guess I’ll be learning as we go along. If anyone has any tips, definitely share them with me 🙂